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For EP, Album or Mixtape mixing, mastering or both,

please email us at for our project deal rates.


Service requirements...

Click the paypal link below and we'll be in contact with you at our earliest convenience to arrange the delivery of the stems (via wetransfer, google drive, ect...)


Contact Us for service pricing.


With over 12 yrs experience in the music industry as an artist,  producer, and engineer, and 5 years working in artist management, I have come across an expansive array of music careers and business models, from 'Heritage' artists, artists on indie labels, all the way to developing and breaking new acts. I want to offer my wealth of experience, including what I have learned from mistakes along the way to you. 

I will spend a minimum of 1 hour talking over where you are in your career, where you want to be and what your next steps should be. We can set up your own label, or make you more appealing to established/major labels, we can plan your marketing budget, discuss a contract you have been given, how you should brand yourself and anything else you are worried about.

Let's plan your future to be as productive as possible. Let's explore new business models and platforms and find your perfect outlet to get your music heard. 

Prepare for Management with an 1-3 hour consultation!


We Also Accept CashApp!

Please state which service/product  you're purchasing in for: section, when paying with CashApp.


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