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Money Gang Mikey

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Money Gang Mikey is an independent rap artist who has been in the industry for more than 7 years. With singles like "3 A show",  "Caught", & "Change on Me" Mikey has made a respectable name in the rap game. Owing to the experience, his sound has the maturity one would seek from an artist. From Cleveland, Ohio to Birmingham, Alabama; his hustle has seen no pause. Mikey knows his music exists to make a change. He creates something meaningful that the audience can relate to; with his daily life being the main motivation behind it. The artist knows the genre is filled with unoriginality which further pushes him to keep his work unique. Giving back to his people has always been Mikey’s priority and he chose music for this mission. The artist with his group was hailed as the best music group of 2018 in the Alabama Music Awards. The artist is here to stay and touch new horizons. The journey has been bittersweet but nothing can separate Mikey and rap.

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