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Miss Mercy



Muti-talented recording artist Miss Mercy, owner of Bar Dolls & Bar Dolls Ent. lights the stage, city & mic with her amazing talent, lyrics, style & personality. She is also the C.E.O of DivaFied Inc. (modeling agency). Miss Mercy has become one of the hottest artist In Birmingham, AL and is very demanding and dedicated to being on top with others she work with.

Being the youngest of five children and the only girl she managed to grow into a woman leaving her tom boy ways in her childhood and embracing the woman she is today. 

O.C.F is a record label consisting of brothers, sisters & cousins of Miss Mercy and through all the obstacles, situations & struggles, everyone continues to strive & support one another.

Miss Mercy also works with "The Real Rap Wives Of Birmingham" as they try to make a stepping stone for they city with showing the world what it's like in their world to success in this industry. The webisode gained over 100,000 views during it's run & gained the attention of numerous blogs, radio stations and other publications. Now being linked up Threat Muzik Ent. & Management LLC, she continues to stay on her grind to becoming the next big thing and needless to say Miss Mercy is headed to the top.

Now Streaming!

Boss B*tch Official Video Out Now on Youtube!

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