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YLN Doce’ Golds is an African American hip-hop artist hailing from the Eastside of Birmingham, Alabama, and describes himself as a true Alabamian by heart. Doce’ Golds has been in the rap industry for almost 7 years now and one of the founding members of the male rap group Young Lit Nation. Over this time, his work has matured to a thousand folds. Because of the love of rap since childhood, the artist knew what he always wanted to do. The journey was never easy but he steadily came up with the leader with sheer determination and willpower. The inspiration for the artist has always been the people around him. He defines himself as the people’s man and aims to do something for them with his music. To date, he has inspired countless people around the globe. The artist’s solo mixtape "Wake Up Call" made waves in the underground rap music scene. Moreover, the artist has two group albums with founding members YLN Dilla Da'Nero and YLN Maurz titled Yung Lit Nation Chapter 1 & 2. The music video for his solo single ft. Weedy Wee Talkin’ (I Heard) grabbed 1.6 million views on worldstarhiphop which was a huge hit. In 2019, Doce’ Golds’ group YLN was named as the Best Male Rap Group at the Alabama Music Awards. Currently, the artist is busy crafting a new album with YLN member Dilla Da’Nero titled "The Greatest Debate" which is set to be released Fall 2021.

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