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Dilla Da'Nero

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YLN Dilla Da’Nero is an American hip-hop/ rap artist from Birmingham, Alabama's Westside of town. Da’Nero and his love for music goes back to the days of early childhood as his family is deeply rooted in music for many generations back.  Since the start, the artist’s personality has had a musical touch. He is absolutely natural and his work shows this. He has been in the rap scene for almost 7 years and over the years, his skill has honed to perfection. He believes that music is linked with his soul deeply. 
The artist has taken inspiration from leading hip-hop artists from his generation. The music he creates is self-explanatory and hits on deeper levels. The rap flow is fresh and futuristic which shows the artist is here to stay. 
The motive of Dilla Da’Nero is to leave a legacy behind. He is not the one that will be forgotten by the rifts of time. For this, Da’Nero has chosen music. The artist sees and dreams music which is why he is one of the most creative musicians in his area. He has won an Alabama Music Award in 2019 for the best Male Rap Group with fellow founding members YLN Doce' Golds and YLN Maurz. His singles Up, Dilla Livin', and Lil Bit are his top hits to date. Currently the artist is busy creating a new album with his group member YLN Doce’ Golds titled "The Greartest Debate" which is slated to be released Summer 2021. The duo group is positive about the success of their new project.


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